Scotty Vercoe is an award-winning composer, performer, producer, educator and activist. He was keyboardist and founding member of the groups Hyptonic and Zen Bastards, and produced the diverse album project The Invisible Movie Soundtrack featuring vocalist Lydia Harrell. Scotty composed silent film scores for the National Film Preservation Foundation’s acclaimed Treasures from the Archive series, and composed and produced the original score for the documentary feature, The Man in the Cowboy Hat, about peace activist Carlos Arredondo. He has also scored dozens of 48 Hour Films, winning multiple Best Music awards and a premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016.
In 2018, Scotty covered Maine’s fight to become the first state in the nation to change its voting system in the documentary The Battle for Ranked Choice Voting. The film toured festivals nationwide and is being used in the movement to educate and inspire citizens fighting for fair elections in their state. In 2019, Scotty helped found a national RCV group, Rank the Vote, where he currently serves as an active board member.
Scotty studied jazz composition at Oberlin Conservatory, and received a Master’s degree from the MIT Media Lab, where he pioneered software that arranges film music based on emotion. He worked as an instrument designer at Analog Devices and a music knowledge engineer at The Echo Nest (now Spotify).
Scotty produces documentary films, creates music for independent film & commercial media and teaches music production. Full C.V.

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