VISIT SITE Loaf: Slices from Acadia
Loaf is unscripted collaborative music. Their debut album features pure improvisation with no roadmap or preconceptions, just a set of five collective compositions featuring Conor Mulroy, Scotty Vercoe, Josh Slopey Hurd & Chris Dow. Recorded by Jason Phelps at Acadia Studios. Performed and edited by loaf.
treasures3LISTEN & BUY Treasures III: Social Issues in American Film
The third in the National Film Preservation Foundation’s award-winning DVD series, Treasures III draws from the preservation work of the America’s foremost early film archives: George Eastman House, the Library of Congress, the Museum of Modern Art, the National Archives, and the UCLA Film & Television Archive. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences contributed technical support. Treasures III: Social Issues in American Film, 1900-1934 is the first DVD set to explore the social activism of movies during their first decades.
skybarLISTEN & BUY Zen Bastards: live from the skybar
The Zen Bastards present “live from the skybar” the long awaited follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut disc, April Fool. Compositionally direct and stylistically varied, this disc picks up where April Fool left off. Showcasing the core quartet, “live from the skybar” is a musical journey through ambient music, straight ahead jazz, latin, blues, rock, the avant garde and beyond.
imsLISTEN & BUY The Invisible Movie Soundtrack
The Invisible Movie Soundtrack is a soundtrack for the movie in your mind. Producers Scotty Vercoe and Dane Scalise led an eclectic crew of talented musicians through uncharted sonic territories, and the result speaks for itself. Featuring vocalist Lydia Harrell and guitarist Jim Dennis, the album is a lyrical mix of many styles, including pop, jazz, trip-hop, rock, folk, electronic and world music. Mastered by Toby Mountain.
wirLISTEN & BUY Hyptonic: When It Rains
Led by vocalist Lydia Harrell and keyboardist Scotty Vercoe, Hyptonic creates thoughtful and inspired modern jazz-soul. While heavily steeped in jazz and soul traditions, Hyptonic is decidedly progressive, incorporating funk-latin, hip-hop and reggae elements, and embracing both live instruments and synthesized sounds. When It Rains features a finely-crafted set of original songs written by Harrell & Vercoe, making an album of groove music for people who think.

badweatherLISTEN & BUY
Kemp Harris: Sometimes in Bad Weather
Kemp Harris is a composer, musician, author and actor. He has shared the stage with Taj Mahal, Gil Scott-Heron, and Koko Taylor. Kemp has written and performed original compositions for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and WGBH public television. Sometimes in Bad Weather, is a thoughtful tapestry exploring the intersection of American roots music, gospel, jazz, and African folk influences.
aprilfoolLISTEN & BUY Zen Bastards: April FoolThe Bastards recorded debut April Fool features 55 minutes of improvisational journeys that touch on a number of styles including jazz, jam, electronic music, funk, spoken word, and a bit of “punk” jazz. The Zen Bastards are Michael Caglianone “aka the Grand Bastard” on soprano, tenor, baritone and electric saxophones and saxello, Scotty Vercoe on Rhodes and organ, Brian Verrochi on bass and Jim Lucchese on drums. Special guests include Adam Oh and Dane Scalise.

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